Wednesday, June 8, 2011

$66 Million Dollar Baby: The Struggles of Jason Bay as a Met

Is it Citi Field, the pressure of the New York spotlight, or just age? whatever it is, it's been causing 4-year, 66$ Million Dollar outfielder Jason Bay to struggle ever since he was signed in 2010 as a Met. Bay has only hit 8 HR's in his career as a Met and lately has been in a awful 0 for 20 slump. He's been batting .216 this year and battled a rib cage injury for the first month of the year. In 2 combined years as a Met, Bay has only played 133 games. In the previous 6 years as a Pirate and a Red Sock, he played more than 145 games in each year. Terry Collins even tried to move Bay down to the 6 hole this year, to take some pressure off of him. That still didn't work, as he's be 0 for 7 in the 2games hes played in the 6 hole. Bay has gone .171 with Runners in Scoring position this year. "Lets be honest- im here to hit and i haven't been hitting" Bay said before Saturday's game. So, What do you think has been causing Bay to not hit all of a sudden? leave your comments below and i will look into them.
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Pray for Gary "The Kid" Carter #8.

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  1. His terrible record as a Met is as well known to him as it is to us and I'll bet he's suffering more than we are. Chances are that he's now trying too hard but to tell him to relax won't work. He should probably be benched for a week or so while getting plenty of batting and swing coaching. He has to come out of this himself.Pushing him won't work.