Friday, June 3, 2011

Rookie Power

The New York Mets, believe it or not, are one of the youngest teams in the MLB. The Mets have 7 rookies on their MLB roster who started out the year in the Triple-A Affaliate in Buffalo. Pedro Beato, Dillion Gee, Dale Thayer, Nick Evans, Ruben Tejada, Justin Turner, and Jason Pridie are those 7 rookies. All of these guys have helped us in games all during the year. Beato started out the year throwing 18 2/3 scoreless innings. Gee has started out the year 5-0, a Mets rookie record. Thayer has helped us get out of many jams this year. Evans walked during Thursday's game, which kept the 6th inning going. Ruben Tejada has gotten 5 RBI in the last 2 games. Justin Turner has gotten 18 RBI in the month of May and was named NL Rookie of the Month for May. Pridie has gotten 3 HR's in May with 11 RBI's. All of these Rookies have VERY bright futures ahead of them.


  1. Bobby, I don't know a lot about baseball so thanks for helping me learn more about the game. Last week I went to a baseball game out in California, the Oakland A's vs. the Yankees. What do you think about those two teams?

  2. So much talent and still not a winning team. I have a suggestion.

    Recipe to Create a Winning Baseball Team

    Before beginning, gather together the 7 talented
    rookies along with Reyes and Wright. Now, go into
    the barn and locate that big, old cast iron caul-
    dren. You know. The one that we always loaned to
    the school for their Macbeth performances. Now,
    set up the cauldren over a hot fire stoked with
    plenty of dry wood.Now you're ready to begin.

    1.)When the cauldren is plenty hot, begin to add
    the seven rookies, one-by-one. Stir contin-
    ously until all are well combined.
    2.)Now add Wright-again stirring well.
    3.)When well blend you can add Reyes, the final
    member of our team.
    4.)When all are nicely blended and the mixture is
    creamy smooth, yon reduce the heat and continue
    to stir for 20 minutes. No incantations are
    5.)You're now ready to pour the mixture into your
    nine baseball-player molds. Do so carefully.
    Avoid spilling even a drop of this super talent
    -ed mix.
    6.)Allow the molds to cool to room temperature.
    7.)Refrigerate overnight.
    8.)The next day you are ready to unmold the play-
    ers. Do so carefully avoid chips or cracks.
    9.)You are now ready to decorate the players in
    the colors and patterns of your choice.
    10.Now number the players from one through nine
    and place them at the positions of your choice.